Примерен входящ тест(Placement test)

write a term paperacademic writingbuy essays online cheapterm paperstop cloud1 ____’s your name? Thomas
a How
b Who
c What
d Where
2 ____? I’m from Italy.
a Where are you from?
b Where you are from?
c Where from you are?
d From where you are?

3 This is Lucy and her brother, Dan. ____ my friends.
a We’re
b I’m
c You’re
d They’re
4 I’m from Milan. ____ is in Italy.
a They
b It
c He
d She
5 Excuse me, how ____ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y
a spell
b you spell
c do you spell
d spell you
6 And here is your ____.
a desk
b desks.
c a desk
7 Oh, ____ are my keys!
a This
b These
c That
d It

8 I’d like ____ omelette, please.
a a
b 
c an
d two
e an desk
9 My name’s Pete and this is Sylvia. ____ doctors from France.
a I’m
b We’re
c She’s
d They’re
10 What is ____?
a job Mary
b Mary job
c Mary’s job
d job’s Mary
11 Sorry, ____ Paul. My name’s Eric.
a I isn’t
b I is not
c I aren’t
d I’m not
12 ____? No, he isn’t.
a Are they teachers?
b Are you from Italy?
c Is Mr Banning a teacher?
d Is this your phone?
13 ____ is the school? It’s 50 years old.
a How many years
b How much years
c What years
d How old
14 Your bag is next ____ the table.
a on
b to
c in
d of
15 ____ are the keys? On the table.
a What
b When
c Where
d Who
16 I go to work ____ train.
a with
b by
c for
d in
17 She ____ a dog
a not have
b don’t have
c don’t has
d doesn’t have

18 Stephen ____ in our company.
a work
b works
c is work
d working
19 ____ they live in London?
a Are
b Is
c Do
d Does
20 ____ to the cinema.
a We not often go
b We don’t go often
c We don’t often go
d Often we don’t go
21 When do you play tennis? ____ Mondays.
a On
b In
c At
d Byexpert admissionsterm papers