Уроци за напреднали 9

The Object
1.The Object is a part of the predicate denoting a person or thing that is acted upon by the subject. It always follows a transitive verb. Objects can be nouns, pronouns, phrases and clauses. We differentiate between two kinds of objects – direct and indirect.
1.1Direct object – usually the thing affected directly by the subject:
Tony kicked the ball.
Kevin kissed Jessica.
Sometimes direct objects are a single word and sometimes they are phrases and clauses:
Katie hates biting her fingernails. – a gerund phrase
Even more, Katie hates when her mom lectures her about hand care. – a subordinate clause acting as a direct object.
1.2. Indirect object – when someone or something gets the direct object that word is the indirect object.
Jim built his granddaughter a sandcastle.
Jim built what? – a sandcastle(direct object) Who got it? – his granddaughter(indirect object)
Tomas paid the mechanic 200 dollars.
200 dollars – direct object; the mechanic – indirect object
In the above example the indirect object stands before the direct object. Sometimes, however, their places can be swapped. In such cases the indirect object will occur in a prepositional phrase beginning with to or for.
I bought flowers for her. = I bought her flowers.
Tom gave the keys to Michael. = Tom gave Michael the keys.

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