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Complex sentences
A complex sentence is made of an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses attached to it. The independent clause can stand on its own as a sentence, while the dependent clause cannot. Examples of dependent clauses are:
because he couldn’t catch the bus.
while he waited at the train station.
since they were both short.
Dependent clauses begin with subordinating conjunctions such as: after, although, as, because, before, since, when, while, until, etc.
The dependent clauses can be attached to an independent clause to form a complex sentence:
John was late for the meeting because he couldn’t catch the bus.
He realized the train was late while he waited at the train station.
Tom and Mary couldn’t ride the rollercoaster since they were both short.
Conversely, the dependent clause can come first in the sentence, followed by the independent clause:
Because he couldn’t catch the bus, John was late for the meeting.
While he waited at the train station, he realized the train was late.
Since they were both short, Tom and Mary couldn’t ride the rollercoaster.
It should be noted that if we use the dependent clause first we should always put a comma at the end of it, before the independent clause.

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Subject attributes
The subject may consist of one word or several words, but it must always have a noun in it. This noun, which is the most important word in a sentence, is often qualified by an adjective or other modifiers which are called its attribute. The attribute of a noun may be an adjective, an article, a pronoun, a participle, an infinitive or a phrase.
The girl smiled. – the attribute is the definite article the;
A man with dark hair passed by us not so long ago. – the attribute is the indefinite article a;
Fresh food is the healthiest. – the attribute is the adjective fresh;
His voice was shaking. – the attribute is the possessive pronoun his;
Kennedy, President of America, was assassinated. – the attribute is the noun phrase President of America;
He himself said this. – the attribute is the reflexive pronoun himself;
A rolling stone gathers no moss. – the attribute is the participle rolling;
Birds of the same feather flock together. – the attribute is the prepositional phrase of the same feather;
His will to live pulled him through the difficult times. – the attribute here is the infinitive to live.

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The Object
1.The Object is a part of the predicate denoting a person or thing that is acted upon by the subject. It always follows a transitive verb. Objects can be nouns, pronouns, phrases and clauses. We differentiate between two kinds of objects – direct and indirect.
1.1Direct object – usually the thing affected directly by the subject:
Tony kicked the ball.
Kevin kissed Jessica.
Sometimes direct objects are a single word and sometimes they are phrases and clauses:
Katie hates biting her fingernails. – a gerund phrase
Even more, Katie hates when her mom lectures her about hand care. – a subordinate clause acting as a direct object.
1.2. Indirect object – when someone or something gets the direct object that word is the indirect object.
Jim built his granddaughter a sandcastle.
Jim built what? – a sandcastle(direct object) Who got it? – his granddaughter(indirect object)
Tomas paid the mechanic 200 dollars.
200 dollars – direct object; the mechanic – indirect object
In the above example the indirect object stands before the direct object. Sometimes, however, their places can be swapped. In such cases the indirect object will occur in a prepositional phrase beginning with to or for.
I bought flowers for her. = I bought her flowers.
Tom gave the keys to Michael. = Tom gave Michael the keys.

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The predicative
A predicative expression is part of a clause predicate . The term is used more specifically to denote expressions that typically follow a linking verb , e.g. be, seem, appear, or that appear as a second complement of a certain type of verb, e.g. call, make, name, etc. The most frequently acknowledged types of predicative expressions are predicative adjectives and predicative nominals. The main trait of all predicative expressions is that they serve to express a property that is assigned to a „subject“, whereby this subject is usually the clause subject, but at times it can be the clause object.
The most widely acknowledged predicative expressions are adjectives and nominals:
The idea was ridiculous. – predicative adjective
He seems nice. – predicative adjective
Bob is a postman. – predicative nominal
They are all happy campers. – predicative nominal
They elected him president. – predicative nominal over the object
The ride made me sick. – predicative adjective over the object

Most syntactic categories can be made predicative expressions as well:
The snake is in the bag. – predicative prepositional phrase
That is when it happens. – predicative clause expression
It is soon. – predicative adverb

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The predicate
The predicate is the part of the sentence that tells us what the subject does or is. To put it another way, the predicate is everything that is not the subject.
He stole my bike last week. The bank was robbed last night.
At the heart of the predicate stands a verb or a verb phrase. Along with the verb there may be various direct or indirect objects, adverbials and phrases.
He laughed. – the predicate contains only a verb.
She writes poems. – direct object.
They gave me a gift. – direct and indirect object.
I saw him in the hospital. – adverbial.
When the subject and the predicate are connected with a linking verb, the predicate is either nominal, adjectival or adverbial complement.

Nominal complement:
He is the president.
These are the candidates.
Adjectival complement:
She is beautiful.
They are careless.
Adverbial complement:
He is in the kitchen.
We are in school.

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The Subject
The subject is the most important part in the sentence, it shows what the sentence is about. It denotes an object or a person that does the action. Often there may be different modifiers that go with the subject and make a noun phrase: The dog reached its paw. Some beautiful girls are dancing on the floor.
Usually, but not always the subject stands before the verb, as in:
The speeding bike crashed into a telephone booth.
Sometimes it can stand after the verb:
In a small house along the lake lives a family with ten noisy children.
It should be noted that the subject of a verb can never be a part of a prepositional phrase. Sometimes a prepositional phrase appears to be the subject or a part of it:
Neither of these boys wanted ice cream.
Normally we would assume that the boys are the subject since they are the performers of the action. But since they are a part of a prepositional phrase of these boys , the actual subject is the word Neither. Another example is:
My dog, along with her seven puppies, has chewed all of the stuffing out of the cushions.
Again, since along with her seven puppies is a prepositional phrase the subject is my dog.

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The Simple Sentence
The simple sentence contains the three basic elements that make it a sentence: a subject, a verb and a completed thought. It may also be referred as an independent clause because it can stand on its own. Examples of simple sentences are:
Joe smiled.
I waited for the train at the train station.
The children laugh uncontrollably.

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